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Up-Armored Scales


Up-Armored Scales was established March 2018. I have worked in the customer service field for over 25 years with management  experience for over 10 years.  Up-Armored Knives has made me realized how important it is to have the right grip on a knife  and has leaded me in the field of making custom knife scale material.

Going in blind and not knowing the thickness, colors and wood that would be need to create these beautiful scales,  through trial and error, I have manage to make the material using all these combinations. The adventures in the woods to find the right burls….to drying, and stabilizing and the right color of pigment to making these scales.

Obviously, many others out there make knife scales, however this is a woman on a mission. When you purchase a set of scales, I enjoy every photo and questions that come my way! Makes this new adventures very challenging and unique. You just might see me making a knife of my own! (Someday) LOL

So, Thank you for stopping and looking at my Web page.     体重計


Below is a gallery of some scale material I have made as well as some of the knife makers work who have purchased my materials.

Up-Armored Knives

Specter Tools

Night Turtle Knives

Razorback Outdoor Company

Glove Man Customs

King Of Pain

Up-Armored Knives

Specter Tools

Up-Armored Knives