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Up-Armored Silent Sheaths

Up-Armored Custom sheathes are available in Kydex and can be lined with leather or Commercial grade synthetic suede.


Lined Silent Sheaths are constructed with binding nuts and Allen head button screws. This type of construction allows the user to take the sheath apart to remove foreign material and debris or to dry the sheath if it becomes wet.


It is our recommendation to use a  lining with all Kydex sheaths. The lining will help prevent scratching the blades of both coated and uncoated steels.


Leather or Synthetic Suede Lined Kydex Sheaths are $75.00 (for blades up to 8" long) Sheath is supplied with a kydex belt loop. 

A Tek-Lok or Molle-Lok would be $20.00 additional.