Price List for Coating work

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I am not able to accept firearms for coating work

Pricing  for your coating work.
Coating the entire knife.
1. Measure the entire length of your knife, end to end.
2. Pick the pattern your interested in.
3. Find the corresponding price schedule in the chart below, using the above #1 & 2
Coating the blade only
1. Measure just the length of the blade, from grip scales to tip.
2. Pick the pattern
3. Find the corresponding price schedule
using #1 & 2 above
Please include an additional $15.00 for insured priority return shipping

Prices are for Knife only.See sheath price below

Snake Skin, Desert Floor Patterns & solid colors


Skull Patterns


Digital Patterns &
Zombie Slayer


Folders - Small




Folders -  Large, 8 inches and up open




Folders - 12" and up open




Fixed Blades - Small




Fixed Blade -  8 inches and up
total overall length




Fixed Blades - 12 inches and longer
total overall length








Swords, Hawks & Hatchets and anything else
We do not coat firearms

Call or Write



Sheaths, all
Applied to front only




AR Furniture Set
Rear Stock, Pistol Grip, Forend




Items to be coated
Please fill out this form, print and submit it. Include the printed form and payment with the shipped item to
We only except US Postal Money Orders or
 Paypal to Uparmored@frontiernet.net
Please include $15.00 for insured priority return shipping (within continental US. Over seas will be additional shipping)
Ship item to:
5437 PineCliff Dr.
West Valley, NY 14171
Ship the items to be coated only
Do not send the original box, paperwork or lanyards

Full Name
Return shipping address
Email address
Knife or item to be coated
Knife or item to be coated in what pattern
Payment amount US Postal Money Order (enclosed)
Payment amount, Paypal
Date knife shipped
Coating entire knife
Coating blade only
Coating scales/handle only
Is a sheath being coated also
Will the sheath be carried on left or right side
Coating, other
NY State Residence add 8% Sales Tax
Additional comments
How did you hear about Up-Armored Knives
Print this form before you click on submit

This is what you get:
After the surface of your knife is fully prepaired , DuraCoat will be applied, in your choice of colors and patterns. A final coat of DuraCoat clear will be applied to the entire knife.

See the Coating Pattern Page for Pattern options.


A note in regards to Kydex sheaths
Tight fitting kydex sheaths are prone to wearing the finish off steel, factory or custom. DuraCoat is no exception to this rule.  Lined Kydex is recomended.