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About Us

Out of necessity I started camo coating my own sniper equipment about 18   years ago. Other sniper on my team as well as others police department’s snipers took notice of my ability and I began working on their equipment.  As my skill improved, I began developing my own patterns and soon after, my skull patterns emerged. Obviously being a law enforcement officer, guns and knives are part of my basic tools of the trade and myself, like many fellow officer, have a passion for both. It wasn't long before cops, Military personnel and collectors started sending their knives to me for coat and Up-Armored was born. After working on many high-end knives I decided to try my own hand at knife making. After a few years of making and giving away more knives than I can remember, in 2011 I added custom knives to my Up-Armored lineup. As a part time maker, I turnout around 60 knives a year. The majority of my knives are tactical and bush craft style  knives made from 1095 chrome vanadium which I can get hair popping sharp with a convex edge. Duracoat &  Cerokote, a firearm finish, is applied to my knives in a variety of colors and patterns by hand and each knife is unique in its own way. My sheaths are constructed by lining Kydex with leather or commercial synthetic suede . This both eliminates scratches and rattles associated with Kydex. Although a good share of my knives never venture far from a customer’s shelf or drawer, many have made their way into the hands of our fighting men and law enforcement officers.


William (Will) Welling

Owner Up-Armored Knives and Coatings


How do I  know what’s needed in the field.  With 25 years of combined military and law enforcement service I  know because we’ve been there and Up-Armored products have been tested there by actual operators. If I  don’t like how things work in the real world, we don’t offer it. It’s that simple.



Our Goals
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • To make each client feel like the only client.
  • To only use the best possible supplies.

We are dedicated to serving our customer's needs, and our goal is 100% customer satisfaction. We strive to bring you the best in quality service. If something isn't right, please let us know.